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"Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson play two lost souls rattling around a Tokyo hotel in the middle of the night, who fall into conversation about their marriages, their happiness and the meaning of it all. These are two wonderful performances. Bill Murray has never been better. He doesn't play "Bill Murray" or any other conventional idea of a movie star, but invents Bob Harris from the inside out. I loved this movie. I loved the way Coppola and her actors negotiated the hazards of romance and comedy, taking what little they needed and depending for the rest on the truth of the characters."
--Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times
Golden Globe Nominations 2003
Best Picture: Comedy or Musical
Best Actor: Bill Murray
Best Actress: Scarlett Johansson
Best Screenplay and Director: Sofia Coppola
Academy Award Nominations 2003
Best Picture
Best Directing
Best Screenplay
Best Actor: Bill Murray
Golden Globe Awards 2003
Best Picture: Comedy or Musical
Best Actor: Bill Murray
Best Screenplay: Sofia Coppola
Academy Awards 2003
Writing (Original Screenplay):
Sofia Coppola

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