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Up in the Air

#1 Post by preciouswhile » Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:30 pm

Anyone else seen this yet?

I thought it was good, certainly for this crowd. Some of the dialogue was a little off and the product placements got tiresome, but the performances were all good and I liked the overall tone.

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#2 Post by Marko » Thu Feb 04, 2010 2:53 pm

Went to see it last weekend with wife. It might have worked even better alone.

I felt that Bingham got needlessly screwed in the end, though. He had such a nice thing going on at first. Life in order, even if a bit superficial. He had magic in his life with a very tight core of values, preferences and motivations. And in contrast to expectations, he wasn't cold and mean behind his politeness. He was definately distanced but I got the feeling he preferred it for the simplicity. But in the end he got screwed out of both the magic and the revelation of The Greater Things In Life. Getting neither, he was left floating endlessly through the skies of silver winged hope. It was as if he just joined the hopeless masses. I mean, that's just a nasty way to tell a story! :)

It was a nice experience in that his "disillusionment" felt like something that I've just recently come to face with. It's a nasty thing and it also would have been nice if the movie had some answers or suggestions as to how one would handle such a situation.

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