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Registration is Closed! Mostly

#1 Post by Bob_san » Wed Aug 22, 2018 7:54 pm

This is primarily for people "new" to the site.

Well here we are in August 2018 nearly 15 years after the release of Lost In Translation! WOW!

To recap: I had to turn off registration and put a post up about emailing me to request registration due to spam registrations.
I used to get emails from people asking to register. I would register them manually. However over the last few years 99% of those people never posted anything or maybe posted once or twice.
Now I hardly get any requests at all.
There was a time when the board was more active.
Periodically there is activity with current members.
But I don't see any point anymore in registering new users. There is really nothing more for unregistered users to see than what registered users do.
Based on this, I am closing registration.
The forum will stay open indefinitely of course :) as a monument and testament to this great film!
Current members may continue discussion.
The general public may enjoy the archive of thorough, detailed and thoughtful discussion (and the occasional flame war :shock: ) . May it shed new light on your insights and enjoyment of the film!

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Update: Based on this, I am closing registration. <- Unless you are interested in participating in the discussion, doing more than just reading, then email me c/o this domain.