The Forest (2016)

Discuss what movies Bill, Scarlett, and Sofia, the producers or musicians are working on or in now as well as film influences for LIT etc.

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The Forest (2016)

#1 Post by Pitman » Tue Jun 28, 2016 5:18 pm

There is one scene right at the beginning where the lead character is riding in the back of a taxi under the bridge and coming out into the bright night lights of Shinjuku, just like Bob did at the beginning. I think the director must have been inspired by this shot from Sofia's movie. It was a close resemblance. I enjoyed the reference. The rest of the movie was ok. The Tokyo shots were the best. Once they got into the forest, the movie wasn't quite as interesting. At least it was filmed on location, and not at some cheaper location to make it appear as if they were at the forest by Mount Fuji, like another Canadian made movie of the same subject matter.

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