Match Point

Discuss what movies Bill, Scarlett, and Sofia, the producers or musicians are working on or in now as well as film influences for LIT etc.

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Match Point

#1 Post by hackney » Sun Apr 02, 2006 10:39 am

hi there, i just recently discovered this site after being a LiT fan for years.

anyways last week i saw match point i wanted to point aninteresting observation:

in "match point" Scarlett's character Nola is having an affair with a the main character. When her neighbor comes out as her and this guy are making their way into her apartment she introduce's him as Mr Harris .. (his real name is something else) This gave me a really warm and fuzzy feeling inside hoping that perhaps this was a reference to LiT. other than that the film is OK, worth seeing for the entertainment value but not exactly a film anywhere near the same level as LiT. i was pretty disapointed in scarlett's acting, or maybe it was the english vs american accents that made scarlett sound like she was just reading lines off of the script or something.

so did anyone else notice this, and what did you think about it?
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Brief review.

#2 Post by Pitman » Mon Nov 06, 2006 8:59 am

I just saw Match Point. I missed the Mr. Harris reference. Will have to catch it next time.

Overall, I liked the film. I thought the story was very good. I liked the analogy of the ball hitting the net and being suspended for a moment which could go either way forward or back. Without giving anything awaything in the movie, I liked how this tied in with the theme of the movie.

As far as Scarlett's role is concerned, she wasn't playing a part that was much of a stretch -- a struggling American actress. Well, the struggling part she had to act!

Other than that, she looked absolutely gorgeous. A must see for Scarlett fans.

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#3 Post by Bren » Sun Apr 22, 2007 2:46 pm

I watched a fan video of this on youtube this morning and it looked alright (mostly because of the appearance of Scarlett :D ). It would be nice if the inclusion of "Mr Harris" was a nice reference to LiT.
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same reaction

#4 Post by Duguesclin » Thu May 22, 2014 6:35 am

I saw and heard the famous Harris name too last week indeed...
No doubt Scarlett has still Bob in her mind and will always have :evil:
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