Aid to Japan - a personal connection

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Aid to Japan - a personal connection

#1 Post by Bob_san » Fri Apr 08, 2011 12:18 am

I know that all of us who love this film and Japan were horrified at what has happened. Words cannot express how we feel. Of course any tragedy in the world is horrible, and one does not lessen another. However in this case and in this forum we all have a special connection here. I'm not sure if people are Aid fatigued yet or not given the world tragedies in the last few years including the latest one in Japan. It can be a difficult decision on which organization to donate to and hope your money goes to the right place and helps the right people. Here is an idea if you are thinking about this. I received an email from my brother who lives in Thailand:
Rika is a friend of ours; she's Japanese sociologist who studied at Hopkins. Rika and some friends have developed a website to allow people to make donations to local NGOs in Japan to address the common problem of larger international non-profits from getting all the donations (which go to pay for expensive expat staff and overhead) while local organizations don't have resources.

If this seems important to you, please feel free to share this with your own networks.
Here is the information from Rika on the site and how you can help:
Sent: Mon, April 4, 2011 5:28:18 AM
Subject: We created a website to help you help Japan!

Dear Friends,

I am writing to inform you that a group of Japanese students and professionals at the Johns Hopkins University (including myself!) have developed an English website to provide people with greater options for donations for earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan. I hope that you can help us circulate this website.

Due to the lack of information on locally-active NGOs in Japan that are engaging in emergency relief, donations tend to concentrate on a few major international organizations. This could result in excessive resource allocation to some organizations, while other experienced locally-active NGOs fail to receive sufficient funds for their relief efforts.

Motivated by this concern and numerous personal requests from those seeking information on reliable NGOs, Action for Japan Hopkins developed an English website to provide people with greater options for donations. From about 40 organizations, we hand-picked seven locally-active NGOs and seven organizations indirectly supporting the locally-active NGOs using robust criteria.

We hope that this website will serve as a guide for your donation to better reach reliable locally-active NGOs in need of funds. We truly appreciate your consideration to help Japan overcome this time of hardship.

Please visit our website at:

Action for Japan Hopkins (AFJH)/Tokyo
AFJH is an organization initiated by the Japanese community at the Johns Hopkins University that aims to support from abroad the people in Japan affected by the Northeast Japan earthquake and tsunami.


Facebook:!/pages/Action ... 7679429875


Donation site for Japanese people (In Japanese):

Rika Morioka, Ph.D.
Lighthouse Studies
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

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