OST Track 1  Yellow Generation  Intro Tokyo  Yellow Generation  Lost In Translation OST  various scenes  -
 OST Track 2  Kevin Shields  City Girl  Kevin Shields  Lost In Translation OST  in the title and credits  30''
 OST Track 3  Sebastian Tellier  Fantino  Sebastian Tellier  L' Incroyable Vérité (2001)  Charlotte hurts her foot setting the lamp  15'
 OST Track 4  Squarepusher  Tommib  Squarepusher  Go Plastic (2001)  Charlotte sits in the window (day)  41'
 OST Track 5  Death In Vegas  Girls  Death In Vegas  Scorpio Rising (2002)  Bob wakes in a limousine in Tokyo  1' 30''
 OST Track 6  Kevin Shields  Goodbye  Kevin Shields  Lost In Translation OST  ?  ?
 OST Track 7  Phoenix  Too Young  Phoenix  ?  in the party in Charlie's home  48'
 OST Track 8  Happy End  Kaze o atsumete  Happy End  Kazemati Roman (1971)  smoking at the karaoke's door, and in credits  52'
 OST Track 9  Brian Reitzell & Roger Joseph Manning Jr.  On The Subway  Brian Reitzell & Roger Joseph Manning Jr.  Lost In Translation OST  Charlotte on the subway  12'
 OST Track 10  Kevin Shields  Ikebana  Kevin Shields  Lost In Translation OST  Charlotte making Ikebana  30'
 OST Track 11  My Bloody Valentine  Sometimes  My Bloody Valentine  Loveless (1991)  in a taxi back to the hotel from the party  53'
 OST Track 12  Air  Alone In Kyoto  Air  Talkie Walkie (2004)  Charlotte travels to Kyoto  1:14'
 OST Track 13  Brian Reitzell & Roger Joseph Manning Jr.  Shibuya  Brian Reitzell & Roger Joseph Manning Jr.  Lost In Translation OST  Charlotte walking on the street with an umbrella  19'
 OST Track 14  Kevin Shields  Are You Awake  Kevin Shields  Lost In Translation OST  are you awake? scene  1:06'
 OST Track 15  Jesus & Mary Chain  Just Like Honey  Jesus & Mary Chain  Psycho Candy (1985)  Bob goes to the airport  1:35'
 OST Track 16 (Hidden)  Roxy Music  More Than This  Bill Murray  Avalon (1982)  at the karaoke  50'
 OST Track (only at jap. version)  Brian Reitzell & Roger Joseph Manning Jr.  50 Floors Up  Brian Reitzell & Roger Joseph Manning Jr.  Lost In Translation OST  ?  ?
 CREDITS  Chemical Brothers  The State We're In  Chemical Brothers  Come With Us (2002)  at the club where they meet Charlie  44'
 CREDITS  Rick James  Love Gun  Rick James  Fire It Up (1979)  Bob at the pool  35'
 CREDITS  Peaches  Fuck The Pain Away  Peaches  Teaches Of Peaches (2002)  at the strip club  1:04'
 CREDITS  Carly Simon  Nobody Does It Better  Anna Faris (Kelly)  Nobody Does It Better (1977)  Kelly singing in the hotel  1:05'30''
 CREDITS  Sex Pistols  God Save The Queen  Fumihiro Hayashi (Charlie)  Never Mind The Bollocks (1977)  at the karaoke  50'
 CREDITS  Pretenders  Brass In Pocket  Scarlett Johansson  Pretenders (1980)  at the karaoke  50'
 CREDITS  Nick Lowe  Peace, Love & Understanding  Bill Murray  ?  at the karaoke  50'
 CREDITS  Maria Muldaur  Midnight at the Oasis  Catherine Lambert  Maria Muldaur (1973)  The jazz singer singing at the room  1:23'
 CREDITS  Simon & Garfunkel  Scarborough Fair/Cantine  Catherine Lambert  ?  Charlotte sees Bob for the first time  24'
 CREDITS  BB King  The Thrill Is Gone  Catherine Lambert  King Of The Blues (1969)  Bob annoyed by 2 guys at the hotel's bar  4'45''
 CREDITS  Nat King Cole  You Stepped Out Of A Dream  Catherine Lambert  Lush Life (1949)  Kelly looks anonexic  37'
 CREDITS  The Mary Butterworth Group  Feeling I Get  The Mary Butterworth Group  Mary Butterworth (1969)  at Charlie's home (just before Phoenix)  47'30''
 CREDITS  Atlanta Rhythm Section  So Into You  Mark Willms  A Rock And Roll Alternative (1976)  B&C at the hotel's bar at the last night  1:27'30''
 CREDITS  Des-Row Union  Gumi / Yume-ari  Des-Row Union  Pop'n Music 8 (2002)  the boy with the white T-shirt dances at the arcade  36'30''
 CREDITS  Nino Rota  La Dolce Vita  Nino Rota  ?  ?  ?
 CREDITS  Dominic Sands  Minuetto  Dominic Sands  ?  flowers on Bob's TV  3'50''
 CREDITS  Mount Sims  Torn Into  Mount Sims  ?  ?  ?
 CREDITS  various  Blue Atmosphere  various  ?  ?  ?
 CREDITS  TV Eyes  She Gets Around  TV Eyes  ?  ?  ?
 CREDITS  Takeo Watanabe  Tomei Tengu BGM  Takeo Watanabe  ?  ?  ?
           Bob talking by phone on the studio  20'
           in the arcade  35'45''
           just after the arcade  36'
           Bob improving his japanese in the pub  45'30''
           persecution  46'
           Charlotte listens to a spoken CD  28'30''

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